3 Tips to Keep Going Past the Scary Parts of Unemployment (My Unemployment Story Part 4)

I hope you enjoyed reading my other posts about my challenges of going through unemployment in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Finally, Part 4 is the logistics of what I did to find that next job.

  1. Schedule your day
    • When you have a job, do you feel tied down to your work with deadlines and meetings? Your calendar and the hour-long blocks of time on it structure your day. If you are your own boss (aka unemployed), stay on track by doing the same thing! Get the most out of Google Calendar and block out time to do important things and silly things. Below is a picture of an example of my weekly to-do list and you can see I even have cleaning the house on there! Every little thing that you do is an accomplishment, so cross it off like you deserve it!
  2. Network everywhere
    • And I mean everywhere. I’m not lying when I say I used 3 of my friends to connect me to the hiring department at a company through their significant other. It may seem weird and like you are “taking advantage” of your friends, family, or acquaintances but really everyone wants to help where they can! Ask if they know anyone! Tell everyone what you are looking for!
  3. Define success for yourself
    • Without a 6-month review cycle and bonuses to work towards, you might feel a wave of “what’s the point” or “where am I going” during your job search. Do some soul searching and make it about you. Set 3-month and 6-month goals that are more than “get a new job”. I began learning a new language, German. I am writing a book so I made goals about how many chapters I’d finish this month. Then, when another month comes and goes you won’t feel so defeated.
Oh, and for heavensakes, get out of the house. Seriously. I loved living in my slippers 24/7 and not doing my hair every morning, but interviews are about your people skills and first impressions. Get out and talk to people and meet new people at least once a week. You don’t want to forget how to hold a conversation during a lull in a phone interview. 🙂 I hope these tips and my experiences helped you understand how unemployment is. Best of luck!
My Week 9 To Do List

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