Welcome to Business Travel : 3 Tips from a New Road Warrior

I’ve started traveling to client sites on a regular basis which means simultaneous more face time and less face time, one with clients and the other with family. It is an interesting give and take which makes the “work-life balance” definition even more skewed. I love the traveling honestly and can easily switch between “work hard hotel mode” and “lazy at home mode”. Others may have more difficulty so here are some of my mental tricks that might help you if you too travel frequently for business.
  1. Make home, home only
    • I know the first thing you want to do when you get home is relax, but before you do anything else, you should unpack and put away the suitcase. If you leave out the packed clothes and the suitcase, you and your family will see it and be reminded of how often you are gone. You don’t want to have one foot out the door when you are home.
  2. You are on their time
    • In the airport and on the plane, you do not have control over late passengers, the weather, or mechanically delayed flights. The moment I begin the traveling, I go into a zen state in which I practice believing that no matter what happens I don’t care and will wait until the traveling is done when I can control my own time again. Remember it is always better to have arrived late than not at all.
  3. Savor the alone time
    • Hotel rooms can be awkward and quiet, and planes can be stuffy and cramped, but the uncomfortable time you spend in these places is time you are not somewhere else (like with your family). Splurg on the glass of wine, watch that chick flick, take a nap. Do the “me things” in the small spaces you can so when you are home you can dedicate yourself 100% to the people that miss you.

This blog post? Written on my flight home on Southwest. Sharing my thoughts on this blog with you is how I enjoy spending my personal time. I hope it helps give you some insight into how you can mentally relax a bit more when those business trips call you away.

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