Mascara and Projects: 3 Ways that this beauty product can inspire success in your next team event

Maybe it is strange finding INspiration in mascara but honestly it can come from anywhere when you aren’t looking! Putting on mascara is the final touch to getting ready for the day and the attention it draws to my blue eyes can be transformational. When working a project, transforming something old into something new requires a bit of flair sometimes too.
  1. Darker than expected
    • Eye lashes as not naturally black on most women. The color varies just as much as our hair colors with various shades of blonde and brown. Mascara is meant to draw attention to the eyes and is darker than normal. How does this related to projects? When a project goes “live”, we need to set expectations that it might require putting in more than 8 hours in a day. It means burning the midnight oil and working long into the dark of night to ensure the live environment matches the staging environment. It doesn’t mean doing this for months leading up to the project end, but timing the few days leading up to go-live to coincide with people’s schedules will help ensure that when you need just one more hour, someone is there to provide that needed fix.
  2. Longer than expected
    • It is a rare but ugly truth that I have seen more deadlines missed than achieved early or on time. Pressure from both sides of the coin will drive you to quote timelines closer than realistic. Don’t give in! Be realistic in setting boundaries and deadlines and add length when needed, just like the mascara. Everyone knows the difference in meeting and exceeding expectations of your manager and your client. Use a little mascara magic to stretch your project longer so that you don’t leave everyone hanging onto every fleeting second.
  3. Fuller than expected
    • Whenever people are involved in projects, there is a lot of unknown risk. People get sick, lack the experience, or flat out leave the project. Mascara brings to life the little hairs that make up a full eyelash, plumping up all of the invisible hairs in a way that makes you realize how many more influential pieces there are. Your project requires a fuller staff than you might expect too. Sometimes you don’t even know about approvals, compatibilities, or extra hands needed until after the project is in full swing. Do your research and apply a little motivation to bring those necessary pieces to light!

All of this is true… in mediation. Don’t use these techniques to exaggerated levels, but do use them to stick to your guns and show the face value of the project for what it is really worth. Every deliverable takes time and energy to make happen so do what you can to ensure its success and apply a little mascara when necessary. You will look good doing it too. 😉

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