Planning Pays Off: 3 Tips to Plan That Next Successful Project

A little bragging of my team: successful day one completed! When you are introducing massive change to nearly 200 people all at once, it can be overwhelming. One bad attitude, one misunderstanding, one mishap and slow correction, can quickly domino the day away… and none of that happened. It was because we have a great team and because meticulous planning was done. Here’s what I learned from observing this success.

  1. Give them tunnel vision
    • When you have 20 things to learn, start with 10. Or even better, start with 5. Narrow what people have on their plate to divide and conquer. If you plan and communicate that they only need to worry about their portion of the pie, there is less amount to worry about. Stress can be managed by workload (to an extent).
  2. Keep the code names
    • If you named the project some silly acronym at the beginning, just stick with it to the end. Don’t change it because the terminology can easily become a barrier if there aren’t people that can remember it. The little things can turn into big things if they trigger an emotional response. Keep it it simple to avoid frustration.
  3. Write it down
    • Wow was I impressed by the notes each person took, the training booklets on everyone’s desk, and the helpful hints online at their fingertips. It made questions easier to answer or even solve on your own. When you have a reference point like a diagram, screenshot, or example that triggers that memory of “oh ya, do that next” you can see progress from hour to hour. Amazing!
Hats off to all the effort my teammates put into this project. Congratulations!

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