3 Types of Stellar Employees: The Cheater, the Suck-up, and the Juggler

Okay, so you’re not a manager of any kind. There are some employees that stand out. You notice them. You know who they are and for a good reason. I think there are three types of employees that take the word “worker” to a different level.

  1. The Cheater
    • Knowing how to cut corners is not a bad thing! It demonstrates that you know how to be efficient. It means you know what to spend your time on and what is a waste of your (and other people’s) time. These employees help let you know when to “not worry about it” and that’s great for saving time and saving money!
  2. The Suck-up
    • There is the “friend” of the office and that’s not a bad thing! When someone knows what is going on in people’s private lives, knows what the strengths of each person is, they are the only you go to when you need something. They can help walk you over to the person you need and schmoose them a little bit to work for you.
  3. The Juggler
    • Oh the multi-tasker! You have so many things going on that you are on every project under the sun but that’s not a bad thing! When you need to know something technical, they likely know the answer because they’ve done it at least once. They get s*** done! The tough part will be getting on their calendar but they do love to help out.
I say if you aren’t one of these people, you should find a new job. If you aren’t one of these people you are simply going through the motions and only doing what is in your job description. You are bored and you aren’t going above and beyond. You don’t have to be the best at everything, but you do need to have (and show) the passion that you have for your team and/or your job. P.S. That doesn’t mean stay late.

What about the Secret Agent type?

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