How to Clean Up the Leftovers: 3 Ways to Finish the Job

How can you not be inspired by the fall season? This year, I’m working with a client in the mid west and oh my goodness do the colors put Colorado’s aspens to shame! Beautiful. I do have a lot of trees at my own house and that means lots of leaves to pick up. You bag them up and no matter what there are little bits left behind. What do you do with them?
  1. Leave them and try to ignore the mess
    • Perfection is not always necessary. I mean, they’re freaking leaves! Aren’t more going to fall down if you waited a few days anyways? For a project that literally never ends, you need to let it go and not worry about what “finished” means in the backyard.
  2. Painstakingly pick them up
    • Honestly, sometimes a job isn’t done until it’s all done and that means every last little piece. A little leaf pile is still a leaf pile. The effort to get all the equipment out again is more of a pain than making sure it’s all as gone as it can be. Finish it now and you can maybe talk yourself out of picking up the rake again until next season.
  3. Spread them around and call it mulch
    • Well, leaves actually do have natural properties that are good for ground cover. Of course you can’t make it look like you didn’t finish, so spread the love out. In business, you can get a 60 minute job done faster if you give everyone a 6 minute job, right?
Happy fall and happy no more day light savings!

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