Reflection: 3 Reasons to Look Back and Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s review season! That means it’s time to list all of your accomplishments and make yourself look good to your boss so you can get a raise. Then, so you can prepare for the same glowing review next year, you have to review all the times you screwed up so you don’t repeat your mistakes. Here are some real world lessons I learned this year. I hope they can help you learn too!
  1. Not everyone loves an optimist
    • I like to tell people when they do a good job, have a good idea, or point out my own mistakes. I think a positive attitude is one that not only keeps spirits up but also allows you to move past difficulties. In my mind, optimism leaves doubt behind and so you can focus on new problems at hand and not dwell on the past “what if”. There can be situations in which people aren’t ready to move forward quite yet and you need to let them sulk for a bit before they can look on the bright side.
  2. The questions to ask first to play it safer
    • If you’re expecting one answer and get another, it can totally throw you off your game so much that it shows on your face and the people around you will notice. Not always a good position to be in if you’re trying to provide confidence. If there is something that seems a little off, ask a more general question that requires a story answer. Instead of asking “why did you do this” instead ask something like “what did you do” before hand. Then you aren’t putting words in their mouth.
  3. Be even more patient
    • This one is something I constantly strive for. When you know the answer, or have better things to do, or have something to say also, it is so much better to just wait your turn and actively listen. You will gain so much more respect and they will listen in return so much better if you can be patient!

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