Speed Through Security: 3 Tips from A Business Travel Expert About How to Make Travel Easier

I travel for business. A lot. I go through the motions of checking in, driving to the airport, parking, going through security, finding my gate, and boarding the plane all the time. I would like to think I’ve got it down to a tried and true method these days that allow me to zoom from the parking lot to the gate at DIA in 15 minutes. Now if you aren’t as experienced as me with as many miles, it may take you longer, but here are some tips to shave off a few minutes and a lot of extra hassle.
  1. Parking
    • Many times you are in such a hurried worry to make your plane that finding a parking space is just added stress. So once you find one, you take it and run off. It leaves a lot of regret for when you return and can’t remember where you parked! My tip: take a picture of your car and/or the nearest location sign. Then you won’t have to remember it, your camera remembers for you! This saved me more than once, especially when I came back from a sunny CA to a snowy zero degree CO.
  2. Security
    • The added security at airports these days is pretty time consuming. They check your bags, your electronics, your shoes, your pockets, your ticket, everything. One of the most frustrating things I run into is taking out my ID for security guards and airline attendants. Your hands are full I know, but I will roll my eyes at you if your ahead of me in line and struggling with your ID. My tip is to add a Post-it sticky note flag tab to your ID card. It makes pulling it out of the plastic sleeve super easy!
  3. Gate check
    • If you check a bag, you have to be there at least 45 minutes before boarding for the airline to guarantee your luggage will make it on the plane with you. If you don’t (and you pack accordingly) then you can save a buck. But if you’ve got a transfer it is a pain to haul it around. It is a pain worrying about if there will be space in the overhead bins. Just gate check your bag! IMO at larger airports it take you that long to walk through the terminals anyways and it is in the same place as transportation so you don’t lose much time.

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