Why You Should Buy Coffee Everywhere You Travel

Coffee is still one of the most common beverages in the US. And it makes a great gift that you can share with friends and family at home. It’s a little piece of heaven in my opinion. It is warm, invigorating, and inviting. It wakes you up and tastes delicious. And whether you like it with sugar (would you like some coffee with your Starbucks Frappuccino?) or straight, coffee is awesome while you travel AND a great thing to savor afterwards.

  1. Easy to transport
    • It isn’t breakable or a liquid so whether a checked bag or carry on, it can get crammed, bumped, and compacted without any damage to the product itself. With the internet and delivery businesses, if you find something you really like you can usually order it again online.
  2. It doesn’t perish
    • I buy coffee beans that we grind at home and the nice thing about beans is that the shelf life is really long. It doesn’t go bad like other foods like chocolate that might melt. So whether your family and friends enjoy it the next day or it stays in a cupboard until you visit again, it doesn’t matter. Coffee can be used in all types of cooking so you don’t have to even own a coffee pot (or French press or otherwise). Think chili, coffee-rubbed steak, or mocha chocolate cake. Some people just enjoy the smell and use it as decor!
  3. Support local businesses
    • If I travel to another city for business, I like to do more than just work. I don’t always get the luxury of free time to explore (especially in the winter right now when it’s dark before 5:00 pm) but I can still seek out some of the local flavors and people. There is almost always a locally owned coffee house that’s not Starbucks and you can go in, see the architecture and decor styling, talk to the barista, and enjoy their specialty roasts. You get to support small businesses and entrepreneurs and you get to learn about the city and what makes it like no where else in the world.

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