When You’re Leading And Stuck: 3 Ways To Manage Your Projects When You’ve Hit a Wall

You know the feeling. You’re in charge, at the center of the universe, and you’re lost. You’re project has derailed. You don’t know what the next move should be but you can’t let your peers know that. There is a science to getting yourself and your team back on track. Here’s 3 steps to get you started.
  1. Stop what you’re doing
    • You’re obviously not doing something wrong. If the project is not on track then that’s a pretty good indicator that your future plans (that follow the same thought process) are also going to get derailed. Don’t try to doggy-paddle and fix along the way; pause everything before continuing!
  2. Look around you
    • When a door closes, a window opens, right? The obvious and easy path is no longer available but you do have options. Take a look, ask around, and reassess the situation. You’ll be able to determine the best next step – you’re a star Project Manager, right?
  3. Make a list
    • Take inventory and redefine your critical path. Just like a itinerary on vacation, there is a set time on the shortest route to get from point A to point B on a map. Okay, you want to take a scenic detour but know that if you’re rained out one day and have to make up time, that optional route is nixed. Projects are the same way; know the fastest way to completion, even if you aren’t taking it right now.

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