Have a Beer! Why You Should Enjoy Yourself while Traveling on Business

Okay, I’m from a microbrew hub in Boulder and Denver Colorado area so when I travel and am seeking out a beer, I want something other than a Coors that I can get, well, anywhere.When in Iowa I enjoyed the beer below, and in Ohio I tried the holiday seasonal beers of Great Lakes and Southern Tier. It’s a treat to try the new flavors, hang with friends, and enjoy a nice cold brew while on the road.

  • Chemically relax
    • Beer (and other alcoholic beverages) have alcohol that impair your senses by relaxing your nerves and slowing you down. When you’re on the road traveling you have a lot of stress so looking to alcohol as an induced way to reduce stress isn’t always a bad thing. Travel takes its toll on you so I think you can take all the help you can get to feel refreshed the next day. Of course, do use moderation, in travel and beer. 🙂
  • Socialize
    • If you are out on the town getting tipsy in a unknown area, make sure to bring a friend. Especially women, don’t drink alone! For many reasons, but showing others your non-business side can sometimes ease the tension at work when you return. Makes you seem more human and you can connect on something other than the project you’re working on.
  • Support local
    • As you might have read in my coffee post, I’m a big fan of small businesses. Drinking the microbrew at a pub near you instead of the conglomerate at a restaurant chain is supporting two startups at once. You get learn about the place you’re visiting on a whole new level and that’s not something you can get at home.
If you drink, make sure to be safe and don’t drink and drive! There’s a hotel bar, walking, or a fridge in your room. Be safe!

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