Scope Management Part 3: Have Plans for Future Project Ideas

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2, my advice for scope management goes beyond defining the scope of the project. It must cover what happens if scope creep happens after the initial planning steps. If you want a project to stay on the track of success that was started, you have to have a plan. You must be able to answer these three questions… before they occur!
  • What happens if something new comes up or something comes up that can’t be ignored?
    • Does it immediately affect the project and put everything else on hold until this new problem or idea is resolved? Hopefully not. You want to be able to maintain the original plan until proven otherwise so make sure that everyone knows their task and keeps to it.
  • How will change be handled?
    • Okay, so something new has comes up. Is it important enough to implement and change course or not? We don’t know, but the PM might know if it can fit into the plan. 🙂 Make sure you’ve defined the person or log that keeps track of these items as they come up.
  • What is the process to determine the time and cost that new scope will pose?
    • Once it’s on the list, due diligence can be done just like the original successful scope evaluation. Then they can be discussed by stakeholders at appropriate meetings to make the right decisions. Without a strong process, the power that people have over project success will continue and you can complete milestones on time and on budget!

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