Defining a New “Fit Break” for Yourself

What is an acceptable excuse to take a break from the daily grind of work? It seems like smokers are the ones that have a craving that is strong enough to demand structured breaks every hour or so. I don’t think the unhealthy habit should be a precedent! I love how FitBit buzzes for 250 steps every hour. It forces you to get up and away from your desk, stretch, and relax your eyes and brain.

Breaks at work are really healthy for you (and mandatory by law in cases), and a mental and/or physical stretch will help you focus on your work better. Here are a few things that taking a break can do for you.

  1. Focus
    •  Do you multitask? It’s likely that what you sat down to do at 8 am isn’t done because you got distracted by other items, people, or emails. If you take a break, it means you put down all of the tasks. And when you come back refreshed, you are ready to start tackling only one thing and one thing alone again.
  2. Retain information
    • Slow down! When you take the time to think things over, you can consider possibilities or perspectives that you might not have realized on first glance. You can mull it over in the shower, hand-write it down, or even forget about it to look at it with fresh eyes. It can help you remember things better.
  3. Maintain emotional intelligence
    • Everyone can have their patience tested and risk hitting their limit. To keep a level head, you have to step back and relax. Different people recharge in different ways. Whether you prefer to vent to a friend, scream at a pillow, or meditate, it is important to step back and reflect on yourself to gain back your mental energy.

How many breaks and how often? There are many theories on that, like the 4-Day Work Week and the 50-10 rule.

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