Measure Twice, Cut Once: How to Avoid Making Rash Decisions

UNDO UNDO! Unfortunately, not everything has an undo button. If you delete something, sometimes it is gone for good. If you cut something too short, you can’t make it longer! I’m inspired this week by a home project that I’m working on that definitely depends on precise measurements: crown molding!
  1. Double check yourself
    • Literally, “measure twice, cut once”. In project management, the first assessment of a timeline can seem reasonable and correct, but then upon a second inspection, you find a dependency that you missed that changes your initial estimate. In crown molding, you might notice your design doesn’t quite line up right on a flush joint. Better try again!
  2. Ask for a second opinion
    • I am a big fan of inviting a second pair of eyes to look over your work from a fresh perspective. They may notice something you didn’t. Whether it’s a missed paint spot or something more serious like a corner alignment, grab a friend and ask for their help. A department manager of the team members on your project might have more insight to schedule conflicts that you didn’t know about. For example, vacation times or key financial periods of your client stakeholders that you’d want to avoid.
  3. Prepare extras
    • For precision projects, you just can’t skimp by buying only what you need. You will need extra because you will mess up, intentionally or not. I bought many extra pieces and am very glad I did for my molding project. It is better to plan with some “wiggle room” (a technical term for a contingency plan) than to have to scrap it and go to a Plan B with all new material.

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