Jump Out Front: 3 of the Simplest Ways to Make Your Name Pop

A resume needs to be easy to read. It needs to be simple. It needs to be fast to identify who’s resume it is. That means the first thing on the page is your own name. It is the one thing that doesn’t require an expert to wordsmith it to make you stand out. You are unique and your name calls attention to just that. Show the world what you are made of!

Here are three simple tips to understand why your name on your resume can send such a powerful message on it’s own.

  1. Your Name
    • It may seem silly, but your name should be the largest thing on your resume. Truly it is the most important because they can forget everything else about you but if they forget your name, then you will never win. And you never want the recruiter to have to look for your phone number or email address. If you want the job, they have to contact you and use your name so make it as easy for them to find as possible.
  2. Middle Name
    • Should you put your full name on your resume? A good test for this is to do a Google search or a Facebook search. How many other people share your name? If it is a common name, or a name that returns negative connotation results, make yourself unique by including your full given name. You know that recruiters will search you on social media so know what is out there about you, whether you are the one that put it out there or not.
  3. Called by Name
    • A pro tip is to use your nickname on your resume. Still use something professional, but if you prefer a shortened version like John or Rich to Jonathan or Richard, then share that in your profiled resume. You can include both your full and shortened name if you want with parenthesis. For example: James (Jack) Frost. Write down what you want your desk name tag to say on your first day when you get hired!

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