Release Day for Mars and Mayhem

On September 4th, my book was delivered to tons of Kindle devices, for you to start reading! Paperback is available to order!

Yes, this post is September 10th, but the truth about my delay is September 5th is the day Hasling became my pen name. I’ll let you read into that one.

There is something about no longer editing. It’s crazy to flip to a page in my book and instantly be transported. Every single word is mine, I put it there. It is so easy to read two words on any random page and feel like you picked up where I left off. Like greeting an friend, knowing every inside joke like no time has passed. Real pages that are crisp as I turn them, and I can easily find a certain scene because I know it by heart.

Making it real is a rewarding and surreal feeling. I’m now a published author. Wow.

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