Zeros And Ones: Teaser is Available Now!

Craving a good sci-fi? I’m here to tell you to try out Zeros and Ones on the Interactive Fiction platform, Tales! What is there to love about this story? Mech warrior battles. Lightspeed travel. Alien space flowers. All with a lovable crew!

Two factions. One enemy. Your mission is to find the alien flower and convert it into fuel for hyperspace travel. New to the fight, will you choose love or war? It may not be as simple as zeros and ones. YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!

When you start a new project, and find a grove that is working, it’s hard NOT to taut your excitement! And I guess that’s just called marketing. This story is dialog, and choices driven, which means it was written specifically for the platform of interactive fiction. Click here to read the teaser of Episode 1! Did I mention it’s free?

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