Completed Rom-Com with a Custom Ending

Here is something new for you!

When Catelin finds a magical bookshop and picks up the “My Fairytale Life”, a fairytale version of herself unfolds. The mysterious stranger turns into Prince Charming and the call center turns into a castle. Will her fantasy turn into reality? You decide which one of the three happily ever afters she gets!

I speed-wrote this romance in about a month. Ten episodes, 20k+ words base story, and then added text with choices. PLUS the interactive fiction coding of music, backgrounds, characters, costume changes, and variables that lead to one of THREE DIFFERENT ENDINGS.

First episode released Feb 15, and last one on March 13. That’s two episodes a week.

Don’t ask me why I took on this challenge, but I wanted a test for how fast I could write. I was convinced I was a slow reader. A slow writer. Apparently when I put my mind to something, I’m not.

And so this silly, adorable story came about. Everything sweet you could ever want with a introvert book lover, complete with cat, ends up finding just the right someone. For a chick flick, it definitely satisfied me with enough “aww” moments to make you slightly sick. Haha. Now, if I wanted to actually make money, I guess I should add some erotica, but I’ve decided to go the pure and innocent route with this one. It’s what I like to read so I hope you enjoy it too!

Tales is now available on iPhone and Android (finally). You’ll need to click on the link on your device.

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