Sign Up for a Daily Poem Prompt – #NaPoWriMo Exclusive!

Do you like to sign up for challenges the moment you hear about them? Yup, me too. But sometimes it sounds good the first couple days, and then the doubt and time crunch sink in… I need help.

So, I’m going to hold myself accountable and invite you to JOIN IN! ‘ll be providing you with a series of creative prompts to inspire your poetry writing for the month of April!

April is National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo)! The goal of this challenge is to practice writing poetry and to have fun with it. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or a beginner, we encourage you to participate and to share your work with the world.

I’ll be posting a daily prompt to help inspire my own writing and yours. Here’s what you can expect each week:

Week One:

Each day, we’ll get a different genre, character, location, and emotion to incorporate into your poem. I love the simplicity of NYCMidnight prompts, so in similar fashion, we’ll get some ideas with words. For example:

Character: a mechanic
Place: on a deserted island
Feeling: fear
Word: illuminate

Week Two:

I’ll be posting a daily photo prompt for you to use as inspiration. The photos will be varied, ranging from landscapes to cat pictures, I find describing something visual is one of the easiest ways to write poetry. For example:


Week Three:

Inspiration this week will be a drawing or abstract art, creative rights to AI of course. Each day, you’ll get a new image to use as a starting point for your poem and get your creative juices flowing. For example:

Week Four:

I’ll be keeping the final week’s prompts a secret for now, but I promise they’ll be just as fun and creative as the prompts from the first three weeks. Stay tuned for more information!

Sign Up

Leave a comment if you’re participating and give a link to where you’ll be posting! I’ll be posting my poems under Writing. Check back here for the daily prompt, or sign up for newsletter to get it in your email box.

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