Release Day for Mars and Mayhem

On September 4th, my book was delivered to tons of Kindle devices, for you to start reading! Paperback is available to order! Yes, this post is September 10th, but the truth about my delay is September 5th is the day Hasling became my pen name. I’ll let you read into that one. There is somethingContinue reading “Release Day for Mars and Mayhem”

How to Publish a Novel: Part 5

It’s like watching a sunset. The beautiful colors of red, purple, orange, outlining the clouds and creating hypnotic layers is worth the commitment, patience, and wonder that escapes your heart. I’m excited to share my coming soon novel with you. This has been such a journey. I have learned that going from writer to authorContinue reading “How to Publish a Novel: Part 5”

3 Ways to Help Your New Remote Team Work From Home

I’m going to be honest. I hate working from home. In my past I’ve had team members and managers that took advantage of it. They were not available when I needed them. It was unclear how much work they got done in a day. It became a stressful, distrusting team dynamic. Please, don’t be thatContinue reading “3 Ways to Help Your New Remote Team Work From Home”