How to Publish a Novel: Part 5

It’s like watching a sunset. The beautiful colors of red, purple, orange, outlining the clouds and creating hypnotic layers is worth the commitment, patience, and wonder that escapes your heart. I’m excited to share my coming soon novel with you. This has been such a journey. I have learned that going from writer to authorContinue reading “How to Publish a Novel: Part 5”

3 Ways to Help Your New Remote Team Work From Home

I’m going to be honest. I hate working from home. In my past I’ve had team members and managers that took advantage of it. They were not available when I needed them. It was unclear how much work they got done in a day. It became a stressful, distrusting team dynamic. Please, don’t be thatContinue reading “3 Ways to Help Your New Remote Team Work From Home”

Book Review: Managing Transitions

  Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change By: William Bridges   I liked this book for the most part. The main concept that the book preached is super simple: Ending -> Neutral Zone -> Beginning The book dragged on a bit when Bridges talked through lists of tips, questions, and steps to achieve successContinue reading “Book Review: Managing Transitions”

Jump Out Front: 3 of the Simplest Ways to Make Your Name Pop

A resume needs to be easy to read. It needs to be simple. It needs to be fast to identify who’s resume it is. That means the first thing on the page is your own name. It is the one thing that doesn’t require an expert to wordsmith it to make you stand out. YouContinue reading “Jump Out Front: 3 of the Simplest Ways to Make Your Name Pop”