Plantster: Converting From Pantser

In my last post, I admitted that I am an under-writer and also 100% pantser. I’m wanting to change that! Why? Well, my beta readers noticed that in early drafts I would describe my characters at the end of a scene. It was becoming a joke because it happened in more than a couple chapters.Continue reading “Plantster: Converting From Pantser”

Plantster: Combination of Plotter and Pantser

This is how I imagine a planster: a potted plant wearing a disguise. You think you’ve planted a seed that is growing as you tend it. But in reality it’s probably a poky cactus that will never flower. So what is a plantster really? Well… Plantser = Plotter + Pantser Plotter: I think of aContinue reading “Plantster: Combination of Plotter and Pantser”