I believe in DIY, but do-it-yourself doesn’t mean skip corners. It means learn from the experts, do what you can by yourself, and know when to ask for help. Before you seek readers, make sure your novel is polished.

I am an author, a reader, and a critique-r. The type of developmental editor I am:

  • I believe knowing what you’re good at is just as important as areas that need improvement. I will leave comments when I love something!
  • I’m analytical, so if you’re going to give me magic and science fiction, I am going to be point out if your world-building doesn’t make sense. I will find these and point them out.
  • Did you get excited about a certain scene and repeat yourself or leave something out? I like to point out plot holes if I see them.
  • Pacing is super important when dropping plot hints and if I’m confused about how something happened or why a character is/isn’t freaking out, you’ll see notes in two places.
  • I won’t baby your work and will be a tough critique because I want the very best outcome for your book. Prepare to see lots of markups, and get excited about it developing further from the editorial comments.

Real Customers Who Loved the Results


Krista’s dedication to her work is evident in all she does. From her skill with words to her amazing ability to enhance any story she looks at, I whole heartily recommend Krista for any editing project.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Feedback is amazing and makes complete sense. It’s absolutely perfect and what I wanted to hear.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

his feedback is perfect! I remember saying in the beginning that something wasn’t right, and I’m so happy to see this looked at critically. I’m very happy that Krista is honest with me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Want to be Ready to Publish?

Your commitment to polish your work starts here! Let’s find the perfect fit and ensure our schedules, styles, and expectations align. If the genre, cost, or other reason means you wish to choose another editor, than you will be refunded.

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If you don’t want to PAY for editing, here are some of my tips:

  • Don’t give a draft 1 to an editor. Comb through a few edits yourself first, use your friends and family who can deal with being alpha readers and are kinder to mistakes and your ego before finding editors or beta readers
  • Focus on one type (developmental, structural, copy editing, and proofreading) of editing at a time. The simple math means you should be on draft 4 and read the whole thing at least 4 times by now.
  • Proof-read on different platforms (computer screen, ipad screen, printed pages, read aloud)
  • Read more writing tips on my blog