Another New You

A New Year, a new you. The psychedelic advertisement email projected onto the ceiling as if she didn’t remember. Lying on the bed, Julia was awake, but she wasn’t ready to get up. She wanted more time to think. She rolled over to silence her phone from the new message, hoping that she didn’t wake her husband, Odin.

                “Have you thought about what you want the new you to be like?” he asked. He was awake. Rats.

                “It’s so much more than a new workout routine, honey. I’m still deciding,” she said.

                “What did you think about my suggestion? To go red?”

                “I thought you liked blondes better,” she said, perturbed. He said red but he really didn’t mean it. She knew what he really wanted. She stroked the white hairs on his naked chest. They had started to change, showing his age, before the rest of him. At least he wasn’t going bald. She hated bald men. Odin was wonderful. Maybe not that much to look at, but he was smart and he cared for her. She knew because he always gave her everything she needed to be happy.

                “Well, you only have one more day to narrow it down!” He picked at the straps on her nightgown, plucking it like a string on a cello. He would want to play her hard and fast like the final of a Haydn concerto.

                “I have something special planned for us for tonight,” she said stoically. That made him smile. They both knew the routine. What was this? Twenty? He inched closer to her in the bed, rolling to face her and kissed her passionately. He was hoping a kiss would turn into something more sooner rather than later.

She didn’t share his carnal longing this morning, but she could play this game a little. She kissed him back as she slung an arm under the sheets to sneak out from the bed. She stood there though, on the side of the bed, tempting him. Her dark Indian complexion a stark contrast to the white chiffon nightgown with red lace edging the bottom where it barely covered her voluptuous butt. The strap he had picked at fell to her shoulder and she bit her lip for emphasis, looking at it like it was a surprise that she couldn’t fix. Her messy bedhead hair fell with her gaze and draped across her left breast. She looked at him, leaning over the bed at him still laying here. She placed her hands on the sheet, bending so that her dark hair fell and his eyes went to the gap between her chest and the nightgown. Then she whispered, “tonight,” before turning and seductively wiggling to the shower room.

                She turned the water for the jacuzzi bathtub, I need something to help me relax, she thought, choosing a vanilla and tonka perfumed bath bomb. The steam rose into the marble swirled bathroom, and as the water swished, she looked at her flawless body in the mirror. She had plenty of curves in all the right places. From her softly angled nose that great for temping down the front to jawbone to a neck to her ankles, she had no tan lines, birthmarks, or blemishes. Her waist was perfectly proportioned, and her butt was the biggest one she had ever tried. There was nothing natural about how perky and huge her breasts were either, but that is what they had decided on.

It would be fun! He had said, encouraging her to find new outfits to go with her new body. She had replaced her entire wardrobe with plunging necklines, double-D bras, and heels that she could keep her balance in. For her, it had taken longer than previous years for her to feel comfortable with the bootylicious curves that bounced when she didn’t want them to. Truly a new year and a new her. Not this time.

It was New Year’s Eve, and this time of year, Julia liked to reminisce over the past before making the final choice for the future. Odin obviously had a type and the last two decades of new skins had made him happy. She had been a beach blonde surfer babe with flat abs and a flat chest. A Geisha-like Asian with tiny feet and a small mouth. The popular medieval queen Daenerys with her silver braids and violet eyes. Cherry blonde with a 1920’s bob and round cheeks. A curly haired Southern bell with a big mouth and freckles. A fair-skinned blonde with flowing long hair and short legs. Everything but herself it seemed.

She could hardly remember what she looked like when they first met. Was it me that he fell in love with? Or my body? Did he love the same person regardless of the different skins, or were these yearly changes the only thing that kept him coming back for more? His flavor of the year this time had been different. He had enjoyed the extra cushion of this body at first, but he had grown tired of it, she could tell. He liked to overpower her and do what he wished slowly, and instead most of the good times were on tables or from behind this year. He had a type, like she said.

She always got the final say, but he gave her his top picks first. She flipped through them again now, the 3D projections hovering above the steaming water, giving the naked images substance to swirl around. There was an ombre brunette to dirty blonde with soft skin, and big lips. She liked it with a big hat in a summer bikini on their yacht. Second, was a pale-skinned blonde with big cow-eyes. It would be easy to do role play as a maid or a Sleeping Beauty. Then, there was the redhead he mentioned, with medium-length auburn, long eyelashes, and long fingernails. Swiping through a few trendy outfits, the body looked stunning in a black velvet dress that hugged all the way down.

Today, she hated them all. She wanted to be more than eye candy now that she was turning forty. She wanted something more in her life than cocktails and sex. She wanted kids, something little to chase around and care for like he did for her.

She cocked her head to the side, still looking at the innocent blonde. She would need to make one tweak. Yes, she would not make her so skinny. In fact, give her a belly, a pregnant belly! Oh, what a surprise it will be for Odin, she thought. Yes, it would be a wonderful new year and a new her!

My thoughts and inspiration:

I started thinking how gyms advertise a new you every January 1st. To workout, lose weight, start a new routine for a healthy new you. This story is a science fiction twist on the 1,001 nights or Arabian nights where a man has a wife and gives her a new body every year, to keep the spark in their marriage. This year though, she decides to surprise him…

Written for December 2019 Prompt at

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