Out the Airlock

The dark. The deep.
I have seconds til sleep.
My life flashes before me
And it’s not that sweet.

My mother, bless her, she tried
When I hung with wrong guys
She warned me I’d regret
Trading air for guns and knives.

I thought it was worth it
Being cutthroat and in control
I felt powerful being the one
Who said who got to stay and go.

Our group commandeered
A ship too big to support
So when it broke down
We had shipmates to extort.

We threatened and tortured
Until one had enough motive
We thought it was enough
Save yours and our lives.

But this guy was crafty
He boobytrapped the ship
Soon it was more than engines
With lights blinking error blips.

Gravity and airlocks
Suddenly would disengage
I tried to avoid them
And get to him on the bridge

I crept out of a vent
into the room with a grin
It was dark except the panel
I floated over to shut it down when…

Boom. Crack. Shove. Shove.
I was wrapped in cables. Dazed.
I screamed knowing what’s next
Frantic to free myself any way.

Then whoosh. Pop. Pop
Yup. I’m flung into space
Our troop wasn’t tough now
With one less guy to face.

Seconds to think and regret
What I’ve done or didn’t.
Would I have know better?
And not taken this stint?

Or this path of crime altogether
Would I have chosen instead
Drone ops? Welder? Or Barkeep?
And keep down my head?

My eyes glaze over as I stare
For the last moment alive
My answer is no.
I’d chosen how I’d die.

For #napowrimo, prompt day 5.

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