Double Ds

“Am I wearing too much makeup? The red lipstick is a bit much, isn’t it.” Madeline turned her head from side to side, scrutinizing her face in the mirror. She puckered her lips at her reflection and then she wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like my eyebrows. Do you think Steve will hate my eyebrows?”Continue reading “Double Ds”

Sleepy Sunday

Napping at the windowNose buried in fur and fuzzBreath warming pawsIn quiet clocklike snores Body wrapped in a curlHeat from the heart and the sunEars and eyes rest gentlyDreaming of the next warm spot Soft and fluffy orange and whiteTail counting in soft delightLike a dismissive queen’s airUndisturbed by worry Birds and wind?Grasses and flowers?NothingContinue reading “Sleepy Sunday”