The Song of the Dragon Watchmen

The dragons are in spiteful sleep
Laid to rest in water’s deep
Curled to hide or curled to fight
Locked away in winter’s plight.

Thick ice like cloudy skies
Souls as dark as remembered lies
Sleep my dragons, sleep tonight
For summer eyes shall be wide and bright.

Angel tatters flutter on the hill
Guarding wizards hoping to kill
Captor and captive chained in link
Nary a breathe or a blink.

Pay the brave watchmen
Wise, wild, and wary watchmen
Keep my dragons, keep them in the night
Or summer’s blood shall be wet and bright.

My thoughts and inspiration:

Sometimes you need to write something a little different to get through writer’s block on your main project. I wrote this in the middle of Mars and Mayhem. Obviously it doesn’t belong in that sci-fi story, but it was helpful to stretch the creative muscles and get out of a rut.

I wrote this thinking about Lord of the Rings and the songs the dwarves sang. I imagined a fantasy world where dragons are only folklore. They were chained and frozen in the lake in winter, and rumored to return in summer. The watchmen stand guard to make sure the dragons don’t resurface.

Drawing done by Maia and TrueImitation

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