Where is the Star of my Soul?

They say loneliness is a dark place

Like a cave or a pit, shut eyes bring an endless night

without stars to map the shifting heavens.

I search for movement, evidence of time passing

Proving there is a beginning, a place this was born

And a promise of an end whether with answers or not.

What is this place? This feeling?

Emotions are colorblind when there is no mirror

Happy or sad are the same when shrouded in mist.

Reach out with a finger, an arm, or a word

Ask for acknowledgment from the emptiness?

Nothing will answer, not even my echo.

I fight to find an opening to this weariness

And expose the raw origins of my depression

To give me the invisible sword to slay my dragons.

Until then, comfort is a fetal self hug and tears,

Although primal and vulnerable, it is me,

And someday I will stand again and face the sun.

Written for (and published on) This is Me!: Mental Health Representation Project by Serene Life Counsulting. Read more from other writers by clicking below.

Where is the Star of my Soul?

One thought on “Where is the Star of my Soul?

  1. I am deeply touched by your very moving words. I think your poem will speak volumes to many people, me included, where they will find a parallel description of themselves. ❤️


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