Day 15: Daily Poem Prompt

Day 15! This week we have some AI created art! I really enjoy using this for making covers for short stories! My novels I have commissioned for higher quality work, but for a poem, why not go bold with some colors, and a bit of whimsical view that doesn’t quite make sense. Like seeing aContinue reading “Day 15: Daily Poem Prompt”

Day 8: Daily Poem Prompt

Day 8! Eep! Sorry for the late post. And we have such fun stuff starting today! We have an image! Thanks to the many other creatives online for this inspiration. Here is your first photo prompt! Sign Up Leave a comment or a link to your poem! I’ll be posting my poems under Writing. AndContinue reading “Day 8: Daily Poem Prompt”

Day 7: Daily Poem Prompt

Day 7! If you were worried about this challenge getting harder, well, never fear. Today is the last one! The last of of this style before we go to a new prompt style. Here you are, another prompt! Character: A dragon tamer Place: A floating island Feeling: Nostalgia Word: Flutter Sign Up Leave a commentContinue reading “Day 7: Daily Poem Prompt”

Day 6: Daily Poem Prompt

Day 6! Is it a habit yet? That’s what I’m asking myself. I want a reward! Come on! Chocolate, anyone? The next best thing…here is the next prompt! Character: A detective Place: A crowded nightclub Feeling: LonelyWord: Flicker Sign Up Leave a comment or a link to your poem! I’ll be posting my poems underContinue reading “Day 6: Daily Poem Prompt”