Circling Myself

Please make it stop
The turning the turning
This ride goes turning
And I can’t make it stop

I watch the gate pass
It passes by again
I always return to the same place
Just to see it again

This heartache from heartbreak
It hurts, it hurts
I try to move on but I keep spinning
And spinning around back

It was over. It is over
I know that it’s over
Was it something I said? Did? Didn’t?
Was I not a good enough kisser?

I wish I knew why it’s over
So that I could convince
Tell my heart that it’s over
So it can stop this damn spinning.

Circles and circles
Back on itself and my doubt
The past and the future
Back and forth, make it stop.

Please make it stop
The turning the turning.
This teacup ride isn’t fun
And I can’t seem to get off.

This poem is for #NaPoWriMo, prompt for Day 4.

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