Zeros And Ones: Teaser is Available Now!

Craving a good sci-fi? I’m here to tell you to try out Zeros and Ones on the Interactive Fiction platform, Tales! What is there to love about this story? Mech warrior battles. Lightspeed travel. Alien space flowers. All with a lovable crew! Two factions. One enemy. Your mission is to find the alien flower andContinue reading “Zeros And Ones: Teaser is Available Now!”

Now Writing Interactive Fiction

I have some exciting news! I’m branching out my writing with interactive fiction by joining the writing team at Tales! What is interactive fiction? A modern medium for reading by adding sound, images, and clicks to a novel. Clicks move the story forward, or can change the story as you read it, “branching” it intoContinue reading “Now Writing Interactive Fiction”

Pantser Turned Plotter: Two Organizing Tools that You Need in Your Life

I have recently learned of two great new tools that I am dying to share with you! I’ve been looking for something to help me plan. I wanted high level ideas that could expand like a mind map. I wanted color coding tags between characters like in Trello. I wanted the freedom to move aroundContinue reading “Pantser Turned Plotter: Two Organizing Tools that You Need in Your Life”

Plantser progress: Some Basics of Character Profiles

So, for the record, so far the plantser method is working. Details I never would have explored before are surfacing and intervening into the plot… Time will tell if it makes writing easier or not. I gave myself a planning limit. No words written, only planning this month. I was worried about losing the excitement,Continue reading “Plantser progress: Some Basics of Character Profiles”

Plantster: Converting From Pantser

In my last post, I admitted that I am an under-writer and also 100% pantser. I’m wanting to change that! Why? Well, my beta readers noticed that in early drafts I would describe my characters at the end of a scene. It was becoming a joke because it happened in more than a couple chapters.Continue reading “Plantster: Converting From Pantser”

Plantster: Combination of Plotter and Pantser

This is how I imagine a planster: a potted plant wearing a disguise. You think you’ve planted a seed that is growing as you tend it. But in reality it’s probably a poky cactus that will never flower. So what is a plantster really? Well… Plantser = Plotter + Pantser Plotter: I think of aContinue reading “Plantster: Combination of Plotter and Pantser”